Ernest Perez

wine that doesn't match woman's taste

The #1 Thing That Wine Lovers Hate

Even if you don’t love wine yourself, you know that there are many different styles of wine. It can be confusing at times. Unfortunately, knowing the grape variety doesn’t always help, because two wines from the same grape can taste totally different, depending on the soil, the climate, when the grapes were picked, what type … The #1 Thing That Wine Lovers Hate Read More »

Clipper Bar Cocktails

Cocktail Time, and Support Local from WineDab

Like you, I’m sure, our family has been relying on couriers for essential supplies recently. Whenever possible, we order from local shops and businesses, to help them keep going. If you’re in retail or hospitality and you’re not a supermarket, you’re doing it tough right now. But we thought we could do more. So, at … Cocktail Time, and Support Local from WineDab Read More »

Where It All Began…

I saw that many of my friends had the same issue. They used similar tactics to avoid the choice overload – always choose the same grape or region, look for the awards, find a nice label, or, search somewhere in my memory – “what did I have last time?”.

Are you an ABC?

Some of you looked at the region, and some of you have a go-to winery. Yet others knew the wines they DIDN’T like – we heard a few ABCs – “Anything but Chardonnay!” (It wasn’t just Chardonnay; many of you have grape varieties that you don’t particularly like).

Let Me Breathe

If you had been cooped up in a bottle for a year or more, you’d probably want to stretch your legs wouldn’t you. Imagine getting out of that bottle, and stretching, and then filling your lungs with air.