Cocktail Time, and Support Local from WineDab

October 8, 2021

Like you, I’m sure, our family has been relying on couriers for essential supplies recently. Whenever possible, we order from local shops and businesses, to help them keep going. If you’re in retail or hospitality and you’re not a supermarket, you’re doing it tough right now.

But we thought we could do more. So, at Winedab, we are supporting a local bar that’s designing and hand-mixing premium cocktails!

CLIPPER is a vibrant destination bar in the heart of Ponsonby combining local & exotic flavours in their cocktails. Clipper pays homage to the magic of travel, inspired by amazing destinations and exotic flavours from around the globe.

Clipper designs and hand-makes all of their cocktails, which is why we thought they were a really good fit with Winedab.

You can buy these cocktails at Winedab now.

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