Give the Wine of Their Dreams

Because THEIR Taste in Wine is Unique

You know your friend loves wine, but not sure which wine. You want to give them the perfect gift But how?

Winedab is here to help.

Winedab is here to help. We ask 6 simple questions to identify your buddy’s wine type. So now you can buy them the perfect gift – wine you know they’ll love.

Your friend doesn’t need to know anything about wine, either – anyone can answer our questions!

New Zealand’s only personalised wine gifting company

Gift boxes start at $59.00 +$6.50 delivery

How it works


Buy a wine gift

Wine boxes start from $59.00


Your buddy answers a one minute quiz

Their pathway to wine happiness starts with 6 simple questions


We Hand-pick and deliver delicious wines

We’ll customise a case of delicious wines for THEIR wine type.

Their recipe for wine happiness


With a 100% delight guarantee, you can’t go wrong. If your friend doesn’t like a bottle, just let us know and we’ll pop a free bottle into their next delivery.

What can they choose?

Each wine gift box will contain wine they won’t have heard off, wine they won’t forget.

Dreams in a box

Any combo of reds and whites. Three price options and get wines personalised to your wine type


My partner and I both completed the really simple set of questions. In the tastings, Winedab found a white that I loved that I never would have tried (I mainly drink red!) and my partner tried some phenomenal reds! Definitely worth it.

Sasha, Auckland

Winedab Limited; Liquor Licence: 007/OFF/9159/2020