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Tradition Meets Innovation - Exceptional Value, Creamy Elegance, and Ripe Apple Delight in Every Sip

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Established in 1879, the CVNE winery stands as an illustrious producer of some of the world’s most distinguished Rioja wines. Now, in its third generation of family ownership, CVNE has expanded its portfolio with the introduction of Cava under the renowned Cune brand—a move met with accolades and enthusiasm.

Employing the traditional method, this Cava exemplifies Spain’s sparkling prowess, providing exceptional value for those seeking quality effervescence without the hefty price tag often associated with its French counterparts. The wine, elegant and creamy, unfolds with delightful notes of ripe apple and freshly toasted bread, creating a sensory symphony that beckons celebration.

The legacy of CVNE, steeped in winemaking excellence, seamlessly extends to this sparkling gem. As a testament to their commitment to quality, the Cava under the Cune brand resonates with the same dedication that has made CVNE a name synonymous with excellence in Rioja.

Whether marking a special occasion or elevating everyday moments, this Cava is tailor-made for celebratory sipping. Its harmonious blend of tradition, value, and flavor invites wine enthusiasts to partake in a sparkling experience that transcends boundaries, embodying the rich heritage and innovation that define CVNE’s legacy.



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