The #1 Thing That Wine Lovers Hate

November 16, 2021

Even if you don’t love wine yourself, you know that there are many different styles of wine. It can be confusing at times. Unfortunately, knowing the grape variety doesn’t always help, because two wines from the same grape can taste totally different, depending on the soil, the climate, when the grapes were picked, what type of barrels were used and so on.

So, even people with a lot of experience with wine can’t necessarily tell whether they will like a bottle before they taste it.

Which means you have to try the wine.

Which brings me to the #1 thing that wine lovers hate.

You’ve probably guessed by now.

Opening a bottle of wine that you thought you’d like but …. meh!

So, what to do? You should taste each wine to know if you’ll like it, but you can only taste wine if you buy a bottle (yes you can go to wine tastings, but that’s a lot of effort to buy a few bottles of wine).

So, many wine lovers stick with a few bottles they know and seldom venture beyond that.

But venturing outside their comfort zone can bring great rewards.

If they had a trusted source that could tell them the wine they would love – based on their individual profile, they could enjoy many different wines.

That’s where Winedab comes in.

At Winedab, we taste every wine to find its taste profile, AND we find out your taste profile from a simple quiz. Then we match you! It’s like Tinder for wines.

And it works!

If you’d like to give the wine lover in your life the gift of wine they’ll love, just click here.

They’ll love the experience and they’ll love you!

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