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Abel 2020 Chardonnay

Abel 2020 Chardonnay

Citrus Vibrance, Oak Elegance, and Time-Tested Perfection in Every Sip and Swirl

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Abel 2020 Chardonnay

Embark on a journey with Abel Tasman Chardonnay, where energy meets elegance in a glass. Crafted with passion, this wine is a vibrant symphony of flavors that dance on your palate, thanks to the unique Moutere clay soils.

Imagine the zest of grapefruit, the tang of lemonade lemons, and a touch of green nectarine – a citrus-led fruit explosion that brings freshness and purity from the very first sip. What sets this Chardonnay apart? The Moutere clay provides a natural freshness that’s retained through fermentation and maturation in large French oak cuves, steering clear of small oak barrels for a distinct character.

But that’s just the beginning. Picture a wine that undergoes flinty reduction, courtesy of full solids and wild fermentation. Add in lifted spice and structure from the oak, along with a mouthful of texture from warm ferments, full MLF, and an extended time on lees.

The result? Abel Tasman Chardonnay – a masterpiece boasting lifted citrus fruit, savory richness, fresh acidity, and a highly textured, bone-dry finish. This isn’t just a sip; it’s an experience that unfolds over hours, days, weeks, and months in the vineyard and winery, patiently waiting to be savored in your glass.

So, when you uncork a bottle, remember – good wine needs time. Time in the vineyard, time in the winery, time in the bottle, and time in your glass. Cheers to the art of patience and the joy of experiencing time in a bottle!



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