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Beaujolais Villages Les Enracinés 2021

Beaujolais Villages Les Enracinés 2021

Unleash Natural Richness with Les Enracinés 2021 – Sultry Berries, Savory Bliss!

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Beaujolais Villages Les Enracinés 2021

Explore the pure essence of Beaujolais with Les Enracinés Beaujolais-Villages Pur Beaujolais 2021, a natural wine crafted without added sulphites. Embracing a pale purple hue with a ruby rim glaze, this unique blend presents a concentrated aroma featuring mixed berry fruits such as cranberry, blackcurrant, and mulberry. Sun-dried sweet herbs like basil, intertwined with tomato leaf, offer a delightful herbal complexity. The bouquet is further enriched with notes of salami, saucisson, leather, and tobacco leaf.

On the palate, experience a well-structured wine characterized by supple tannins and a savory meat-like richness reminiscent of cured meats. The finish is clean, leaving behind traces of cherry compote and a subtle hint of wood smoke.

Les Enracinés Beaujolais-Villages Pur Beaujolais 2021 offers a distinctive journey for wine enthusiasts seeking a natural approach. Free from added sulphites, this wine encapsulates the purity of Beaujolais, providing a sensory experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Revel in the harmonious blend of flavors, from the vibrant fruitiness to the nuanced herbal and savory undertones, making each sip a unique and memorable encounter with the essence of the Beaujolais region.



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