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Bieler Family ‘Born to Run’ 2019 Cab. Sauvignon

Bieler Family ‘Born to Run’ 2019 Cab. Sauvignon

Experience a blend of bold Washington structure and California's lush red fruit profile

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Bieler Family ‘Born to Run’ 2019

Indulge in Bieler Family Born to Run—a unique Cabernet Sauvignon blend of rich California warmth and structured Washington boldness.

In this extraordinary creation, Charles Bieler, driven by his youthful spirit and passion, combines the dark, brooding essence of Washington Cabernet Sauvignon with the soft, lush red fruit profile of California. Born to Run is more than a wine; it’s a culmination of Charles’ 20-year journey in the wine industry.

This 100% American Cabernet Sauvignon comprises 50% from the sun-drenched Columbia Valley in Washington State, offering Old World structure and New World succulent flavors. The other 50% hails from older vines on the west side of Lodi in California, delivering ripe fruit flavors, natural acidity, and complexity. The Washington State fruit undergoes a 35-day skin contact, fostering impressive density and a chewy structure, while the California component, aged in oak after traditional fermentation, adds softness and lusciousness to the blend.

Charles Bieler’s Born to Run is a testament to his passion, craftsmanship, and a bold departure from traditional winemaking. This unique blend offers a taste experience that transcends the sum of its parts, inviting you to savor the richness of California and the structured boldness of Washington in every sip.

Cab. Sauvignon



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Cabernet Sauvignon

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