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Big Sky 2023 Pinot Gris

Big Sky 2023 Pinot Gris

Elevating Martinborough's Elegance, Crafted with Passion, Sip into the Heart of Terroir

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Big Sky 2023 Pinot Gris

Embark on a journey through Martinborough’s Te Muna district with Big Sky Wines, where elegance meets expertise in every drop of their Pinot Gris. This boutique gem, lovingly nurtured by Katherine Jacobs and Jeremy Corban, takes you to the heart of New Zealand winemaking, with a touch of French finesse.

Picture this: a dry Pinot Gris that’s more than just a drink – it’s an experience. As the vines bask in the classic soils, the resulting wine is a testament to the care and dedication poured into every bottle. This isn’t just about taste; it’s about freshness and poise, making it the perfect companion for any aperitif or seafood soiree.

Meet the dynamic duo behind the label – Katherine, with her viticulture and winemaking expertise from both New Zealand and France, and Jeremy, a fourth-generation winemaker descended from the renowned Corban family. Together, they’ve revitalized the vineyard, with neighbors like Craggy Range and The Escarpment Vineyard adding to the vibrant tapestry of Te Muna Road.

From the first sip, you’ll feel the legacy of Ian Campbell’s original site, now transformed by Katherine and Jeremy. The journey started with Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir in 1989, evolving into a personal venture in 2013 with the birth of the ‘Big Sky’ label. Today, 80% of the yield is dedicated to this label, a testament to their commitment to quality winemaking.

So, whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a casual sipper, let Big Sky Wines be your guide to the essence of Martinborough – where tradition, passion, and flavor converge in every glass. Cheers to the story in every bottle!



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