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Borga Prosecco NV Treviso Extra Dry

Borga Prosecco NV Treviso Extra Dry

A Timeless Sparkling Symphony - Fresh, Fragrant, and Perfectly Paired for Culinary Celebrations

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Borga Prosecco NV Treviso Extra Dry

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of our Glera masterpiece—an aromatic journey that captures fleeting moments in every sip. Crafted exclusively from 100% Glera, this wine presents a radiant straw yellow adorned with vibrant highlights, a visual prelude to the richness of its perlage.

On the nose, be enchanted by the blossoming acacia and elderflower, harmonizing with the fragrant notes of white peach, apple, and a touch of aromatic herbs. The palate unveils a fresh and lean character, cradled in the embrace of balanced softness and the invigorating essence of fresh fruit. The closure, delicately sapid and fragrant, lingers as a memorable conclusion.

Elevate your gastronomic experience by pairing this sparkling gem with culinary delights. From the classic mozzarella ‘in carrozza’ with anchovy to the indulgent Croque Madame featuring a fried egg, smoked ham, and cheese, and the savory chickpea flour omelette with mushrooms and vegan cheese—each dish becomes a symphony of flavors.

For pasta enthusiasts, pair Linguine with sundried tomato and almonds pesto for a delightful fusion of taste. This Glera, a perfect companion for cherished moments, transcends the ordinary, turning every dining experience into a celebration of the senses.



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