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Chateau Treytins Les Tierces Larges 2020 Merlot

Chateau Treytins Les Tierces Larges 2020 Merlot

Delight in a juicy red, embracing simplicity and charm, with concentrated aromas of blackberry and cherry

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Chateau Treytins Les Tierces Larges 2020 Merlot

“Les Tierces Larges” Merlot, Chateau Fontareche 2020 is a delightful, juicy red wine, embracing simplicity and charm. The concentrated aromas of blackberry, cherry, and mashed fig create an inviting bouquet, setting the stage for a flavorful experience. As you sip, these aromas translate seamlessly to the palate, enveloping your mouth with a combination of firmness and smoothness.

Crafted from Merlot grapes grown on limestone terraces with gravel and pebble soils, this wine captures the essence of its terroir. The winemaking process is meticulous, ensuring the preservation of vibrant fruit character. After destemming, fermentation occurs at 28°C for 12 days with daily pumping over for optimal color and flavor extraction. Rack and return are executed twice at the end of fermentation to dissolve the cap and soften the tannins. The wine undergoes malolactic fermentation and aging in stainless steel, maintaining the freshness and vibrancy of the fruit.

The result is a charming Merlot that captivates the senses with its straightforward approach, juicy fruitiness, and a texture that seamlessly balances firmness and smoothness. This wine exemplifies the artistry of Chateau Fontareche, inviting you to savor the pure essence of Merlot in every sip.



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