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Domaine des Pasquiers CDR

Domaine des Pasquiers CDR

Embrace the warmth and spice of Rhône reds, perfect for any relaxed moment

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Domaine des Pasquiers CDR

Indulge in Domaine des Pasquiers Côte du Rhône, a wine born near Sablet’s slopes. Cultivated in sandy-clay soil, these grapes thrive in a cool environment, offering perfect ripeness. Handpicked from low-yield vines, the berries undergo a short rating and age in vats for a fruit-forward profile.

This Grenache and Syrah blend boasts an intense garnet hue with purplish undertones. Dive into delightful aromas of red fruits, accompanied by hints of white pepper and sweet spices.

Whether paired with cooked meats or pasta, this wine elevates friendly meals. Best enjoyed at room temperature while young or within the next 3 years, savor the essence of Domaine des Pasquiers Côte du Rhône in every sip.



Wine Type

Grenache Syrah

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