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Midelberg 2022 Pinot Blanc

Midelberg 2022 Pinot Blanc

Sip Back in Time to 1853 - Pinot Blanc Midelberg, A Modern Classic Delight!

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Midelberg 2022 Pinot Blanc

Step into the rich history of Boeckel wines, a legacy that began in 1853 with Frederic Boeckel’s vision. Back in the 19th century, innovation was already a part of the game, with a significant portion of wines being bottled and exported – a groundbreaking move for its time.

Fast forward to today, and the tradition continues with Jean-Daniel and Thomas Boeckel at the helm, passionately crafting wines that uphold the family’s commitment to excellence. Among their stellar lineup is the Pinot Blanc Midelberg, a pure Auxerrois sourced from diverse limestone plots surrounding the commune.

Picture the vines soaking up the essence of the soil until the grapes reach optimal ripeness. The vinification process takes place in foudres, adding a touch of traditional finesse to the modern winemaking approach. The result? A wine that’s a symphony of aromas, with a clear, pure, and discreetly flinty bouquet of white seed fruits.

As you take a sip, the journey continues with a round and juicy palate, finely textured and boasting a supple body. The finish is a delightful surprise – saline, finely tannic, and subtly bitter, making it an excellent choice for the table.

Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or a casual sipper, the Pinot Blanc Midelberg is a testament to Boeckel’s commitment to quality. Cheers to history in every bottle, a journey that began in 1853 and continues to unfold in every sip today!



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