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Siniscalco 2020 Primitivo

Siniscalco 2020 Primitivo

A Velvety Italian Heritage - Bright, Fruity, and Distinctively Rich in Tradition

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Siniscalco 2020 Primitivo

Introducing Siniscalco 2020 Primitivo, an I.G.P. Puglia wine that epitomizes the essence of Italian winemaking tradition. Crafted exclusively from 100% Primitivo grapes sourced from the Serri district in Turi, Apulia, this wine boasts a rich heritage and a unique terroir. The limestone-rich soils of the Murgia hills contribute to the wine’s distinctive character, while the Espalier training system ensures optimal vineyard management.

In the glass, Siniscalco 2020 Primitivo enchants with its bright and vivid red color, inviting you to experience its velvety texture on the palate. Named after Riccardo Siniscalco, a Norman feudal lord of the castle in Gioia del Colle, this wine pays homage to its illustrious past while embracing modern winemaking techniques.

During vinification, controlled temperature fermentation is followed by full malolactic fermentation, imparting a velvety touch and ensuring greater stability over time. After six months in steel, the wine matures for at least 10 months in the bottle, resulting in a total annual production of about 130,000 bottles.

On the nose, Siniscalco 2020 Primitivo captivates with its intense and persistent bouquet, revealing fruity notes of cherry and sour cherry. On the palate, it delivers a dry, soft, and quite fresh experience, complemented by full-bodied and tannic qualities.

Pair this exceptional wine with succulent dishes such as bread encrusted Prague ham, meatballs with cream sauce, sausage and potatoes, venison, cold cuts, and matured cheeses. Properly stored, Siniscalco 2020 Primitivo can be cellared for 5 to 10 years, allowing its flavors to evolve and mature over time.



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