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Tony Bish Fat n Sassy 2022 Chardonnay

Tony Bish Fat n Sassy 2022 Chardonnay

Bold, Sassy, and Expertly Crafted – A Top-Value Delight for Every Palate!

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Tony Bish Fat n Sassy 2022 Chardonnay

Dive into a world of top-notch value with Tony Bish’s renowned Chardonnay, a true gem recognized by Bob Campbell’s Top Value List. This wine is not just a sip; it’s a statement – bold, sassy, and unapologetically old-school.

Picture yourself indulging in the richness of a Chardonnay crafted by the legendary ex-head winemaker at Sacred Hill, Tony Bish, a true maestro in the art of Chardonnay. This bottle encapsulates his expertise with expert barrel and lees work, resulting in a gorgeously sappy, creamy, and oak-kissed Hawke’s Bay delight that’s ready for enjoyment anytime.

The name says it all – it’s fat, sassy, and exudes old-school charm. But don’t let the boldness fool you; this Chardonnay brings sophistication to the table, balancing its bright, daring flavors with a touch of elegance.

Not just a hit with critics, this wine is a customer favorite, reigning supreme in its price range. Bob Campbell’s seal of approval in the Real Review’s Top Value List is a testament to its unbeatable value-for-money status among wines up to $25.

Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or just starting your journey, Tony Bish’s Chardonnay is a must-try, offering a symphony of flavors that will make every sip a celebration. Cheers to boldness, sophistication, and the unbeatable pleasure of a well-crafted wine!



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