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Vina Pomal Blanco (Viura & Malvasia)

Vina Pomal Blanco (Viura & Malvasia)

A Centennial Symphony, Marrying Tradition and Innovation for Unparalleled Upper Rioja Excellence

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Vina Pomal Blanco (Viura & Malvasia)

Viña Pomal epitomizes the pinnacle of winemaking tradition in Upper Rioja, drawing from a century of premium craftsmanship and a storied legacy. Nestled within the Haro municipality, the winery’s unique vineyard location adds an unbeatable touch to its longstanding prestige.

Viña Pomal Blanco, a testament to tradition and innovation, seamlessly blends the region’s traditional Viura and Malvasía varietals. Post-destemming, the skins undergo a delicate maceration of six hours, followed by gentle pressing. The free-run must then embarks on fermentation within new barrels crafted from a harmonious blend of American and French oak in a 50/50 ratio. The controlled temperature of 15-18ºC ensures a meticulous process. The resulting elixir ages for four months, intimately interacting with the lees and benefitting from their gentle stirrings, a transformative journey that adds complexity and volume to the wine’s palate.

Viña Pomal Blanco beckons wine enthusiasts to partake in a sensory voyage that marries the essence of Upper Rioja’s winemaking heritage with contemporary finesse. With every sip, relish the nuanced symphony of flavors, a harmonious dance shaped by history, terroir, and meticulous craftsmanship. The Blanco stands as a testament to Viña Pomal’s unwavering commitment to excellence, a white wine that encapsulates the essence of a century-old legacy.



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Viura & Malvasia

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